Naturally in Leivonmäki


Leivonmäki located in the southeast in Central Finland is a part of Joutsa region. The conurbation of Leivonmäki is right next to the 4th road and the transportation is well organized. It takes 2.5 hours to travel by car from Helsinki to Leivonmäki, 1.5 hours from Lahti and Leivonmäki is merely 40 minutes away from Jyväskylä. Toivakka, Kangasniemi and Luhanka are regions surrounding Leivonmäki.
Leivonmäki was attached to Joutsa in municipal merger in 1.1.2008. Practically former villages such as Etu-Ikola, Havumäki, Kivisuo, Rutalahti and Savenaho can be seen as parts of Leivonmäki area.

Several enterprises and services owned by municipality are offering services in the area. Leivonmäki National Park provides diverse nature for those who are interested. Municipal services such as library, swimming hall, gym and ice rink can be found in Leivonmäki Elementary School which is attached to playschool. On top of that there is also a playing field, where people can play baseball and sport athletics. Track for skiing in the winter time can also be found. A beach maintained by municipality is located in Harjunlahti, a few kilometres away from conurbation.
Leivonmäki is a wonderful option for families who want to find a peaceful place, enterprises which look for good transportation and for travellers who appreciate the beauty of the nature.