Naturally in Leivonmäki

National Park

Leivonmäki National Park is truly a marble in Central Finland. Route paths vary from walking on duckboards in the Southern side to walking in the middle of evergreen which are 130 years old. In the Northern side route paths pass by rapids and a beautiful lake landscape. National Park founded in 2003 is 30 kilometer per square and its many-sided routes are 28 kilometers long. The routes are combined from paths that vary between 1.5-11 kilometers. Some of them are meant to be untrammeled and family friendly.

It is possible to hike with your own tent or rest in a wicket. There are several campfire sites in the park where people can take a break. It the summer it is great to do bike rides and in the winter time there is a 10-kilometer-long ski trail surrounding the National Park. Every fall people are able to collect delicious berries and mushrooms. During the springtime it is not unusual to be twitching birds moving back from the South in the tower for birdwatchers.

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